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  • Do pekingese shed?

    Do pekingese shed?

    Pekingese require a lot of grooming, and without frequent combing and brushing, the Pekingese turn into a matted mess. Pekingese also shed a lot. You’ll see hair and fur all over your clothing all year long, including your carpeting and upholstery. All dogs shed, and if you decide to purchase

  • Do Pekingese dogs bite?

    Do Pekingese dogs bite?

    Do Pekingese dogs bite? Well, all dogs can bite. However, Pekingese are very possessive of their toys, and they could growl, snap, or bite at toddlers who try to steal their toys. These dogs aren’t recommended for families with small children. They are very possessive of their toys too, and

  • Do Pekingese bark a lot?

    Do Pekingese bark a lot?

    Well, they will only bark when they have something to bark at. They are not a yappy, noisy breed, but they will definitely alert their owner if they hear someone at the door. Once the Pekingese has made its point, it will see no further reason for barking. So, to

  • Are Pekingese Dogs Smart?

    Are Pekingese Dogs Smart?

    The Pekingese is a hard dog to train. This breed is a dominating and independent breed. This could be attributed to low intelligence. However, this isn’t true though. They’re extremely smart. They place a lot of value on themselves, and they possess self-importance too. Other people think that their strong-headedness,

  • Why does your Pekingese snort?

    Why does your Pekingese snort?

    Don’t worry. It’s normal behavior. It’s a conformation dog, and it’s the same behavior that all conformation dogs have with no muzzle. They have been bred with scrunched-up, short muzzles. If you had shortened, scrunched-up muzzle, you’d be snorting it too. It’s absolutely normal for these dogs to snort, and

  • Are Pekingese dogs hypoallergenic?

    Are Pekingese dogs hypoallergenic?

    The Pekingese is a heavy shedder, and they are not hypoallergenic. For that reason, they’re not recommended for folks who are allergic to dogs. They need to brushed several times per week, and they need to be groomed regularly. This can cut down on the shedding, but they’re still going

  • Are Pekingese hard to train?

    Are Pekingese hard to train?

    Honestly, the Pekingese is not a breed for those who prefer to have a dog that will cater to their every desire with little training or investment. Pekingese are stubborn, strong-willed animals, and it will, at first, take a lot more than a short verbal command to get them to

  • Are Pekingese good with cats?

    Are Pekingese good with cats?

    Well, they’re small. There’s a good chance that cats won’t be intimidated by them. It’s best to have the cats bond with the Pekingese from an early age. They’re good with pets if they’re socialized at a young age. The Pekingese is a bit of a hard dog to train

  • Why do pekingese lick so much?

    Why do pekingese lick so much?

    Do you see your Pekingese always licking, chewing, or biting her paws? If that’s the case, then the initial thing you should do is see if there’s anything abnormal going on with the paws. There could be something lodged in the pads like gum, glass, or a foxtail. If everything

  • When do pekingese puppies open their eyes?

    When do pekingese puppies open their eyes?

    It’s normal for a Pekingese puppy to open his eyes around two weeks of age. That’s around 14 days old or so. The development of the puppies is pretty interesting. They spend 90% of the time in a sleep state, and the other 10% is spent eating. They are very