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Pekingese Breed Standards


The Pekingese breed is a small, well-balanced dog whose origins trace back to the Tang Dynasty. The Pekingese is extremely independent and like to stand their ground no matter who or what they are up against. Their image, and personality, is very similar to that of a lion, which implies boldness, dignity, courage and strong self-esteem with weakness and elegance thrown out the window.

Pekingese Size and Proportion Although compact in size, the Pekingese is actually heavier than you would think upon lifting due to their muscular body. Most Pekes weight no more than 14 pounds. The head is large when compared to the Peke’s body, and is longer than tall. An approximate ratio overall would be three high to five long.

The Pekingese’s face is flat and broad with wide eyes and cheekbones. Despite how it sounds, it creates the perfect face. Consisting of long fringing and heavy feathering, the ears are shaped like a heart and lie against the head flat. Set apart, the eyes are very dark, large and round offering a very bold appearance. Its nose is short, black and broad with nostrils being wide and open. Wrinkles separate the upper and lower part of the face extending from one cheek to the other cheek over the nose.

The neck of the Pekingese is thick and short and the body is pear-shaped, low to the ground, heavy in the front,  and very small. The chest of the Peke is very broad, similar to that of a lion. With no curls or kinks, the tail is arched and comes up over the Peke’s back. Shoulders are laid-back with elbows being close to the dog’s body.


A little bit bowed, the front legs of the Peke are short and thick-boned. The front feet turn out a bit when walking or standing. The back legs are not as thickly boned and the feet are straight when walking or standing.

Pekingese Coat

The Peke has a soft and thick undercoat and an outer coat that is long, straight and coarse. The coat is fuller on the neck and around the shoulders when compared to the rest of the body. A long coat is desired as long as it doesn’t alter the shape of the Peke’s body. Toes have feathering as do the forelegs, thighs, tail and ears. When trimmed, the Pekingese coat should not take away from its natural appearance. Any coat color is acceptable on a Peke and all colors are found to be equal. Regardless of the Peke’s coat color, the skin on the lips, nose, muzzle and around the eyes is always black.

Disqualification of a Peke may occur if he/she weights more than 14 pounds. Nonetheless, a Peke is a very intelligent, strong-willed and self-confident dog that is extremely opinionated, good-natured, affectionate and loyal to those who have earned its admiration.