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Back and Joint Concerns for the Pekingese Breed



Arthritis, slipped discs and other back and joint problems often occur in Pekingese dogs due to their short legs and longer bodies. In order to prevent these types of problems, you would want to prevent and/or discourage your Pekingese from jumping up and down off of beds and couches while also preventing him/her from going up and down stairs.

Slipped Discs in Pekingese Dogs

This is by far the worst type of back problem that your Peke could experience. Usually, a slipped disc does need an injury to occur and are considered to be degenerative. In the most severe cases, slipped discs could result in paralysis. Here are a few tips to find out if your Peke may have sustained a back injury:

  • Is your Peke unable to move freely?
  • Is your Peke not wanting to play as frequently?
  • Is your Peke unusually quiet?
  • Does your Peke cry out as if in pain when you pick her up?
  • Is your Peke stiff – as if she is trying not to move – when you pick her up?

All of these are warning signs that your dog may have sustained some sort of back injury. If these signs are observed, you need to get your Peke to the vet immediately so that she could undergo a full examination.


Pekingese Arthritis

For most Pekes, they will suffer at least some degree of arthritis in their lifetime. With no solid cure, arthritis can be a painful condition in its later stages and is a condition that can often go undiagnosed for years. It will become worse as your Peke ages resulting in severe pain, limping, medication and medical attention.

Arthritis is made worse when your dog jumps up and down from furniture or goes up and down stairs frequently. Pekingese dogs have been known to develop arthritis as young as three years old. So, be sure to pick your Peke up and put her on the couch or bed with you if you want to snuggle, as a little prevention goes further than one might believe.

You can discuss with your veterinarian, but Glucosamine supplements have been known to help somewhat prevent and eliminate the pain caused from arthritis and other joint problems. While Glucosamine is no cure by any means, it is considered to be helpful for your pet’s joint health.

Soft and/or Cooling Beds

Your Pekingese may benefit from a soft bed or even a cooling bed. They will not only relive some of the pressure on her bones and joints, but a cooling bed will relieve some of the aches and pains that she/he may be feeling. Plus, if you live in a warmer climate, a cooling bed will keep her cool, which is imperative for the Pekingese breed.