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Common Skin Problems of Pekingese Breeds

The Pekingese breed has incredibly sensitive skin. If your Peke is developing a skin allergy to something that she/he got into it, it is critical to have it treated immediately. This is to not only prevent discomfort and pain for your dog, but also to save your Peke’s coat. When the itching begins, Pekes will bite and gnaw until its hair falls out resulting in painful, bald patches.



Fleas are by far the most common cause of a skin allergy being developed in Pekingese dogs. In order to eliminate fleas, your Peke and his/her bedding will need to be treated. Monthly treatments are available that can be placed on the dog’s neck. Fleas can be caught from playing outside, playing in dog parks and playing with other dogs and cats.

Depending on how severe the flea problem is, your veterinarian may prescribe a special spray that will speed up healing and soothe the itching. Sometimes, but only in very extreme cases, an oral steroid may be prescribed.

Food Allergy


Sometimes, itching is misrepresented for something else. In a number of cases, when diarrhea or vomiting accompanies the itching, it likely isn’t fleas. Instead, it could be something that your dog consumed – possibly even a food allergy or a food that your Peke is extremely sensitive to. If you believe this may have happened, limit how much food your dog consumes and make sure he/she is drinking plenty of fluids – mainly water. Clean up around the house where your dog may have found some food scraps, which could potentially be the problem. If your dog’s condition worsens, seek medical attention from your local veterinarian immediately to avoid further problems.