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Heatstroke in the Pekingese Breed

Because the Pekingese dog  is flat-faced and has a short nasal passage, he/she has difficulty breathing and panting sufficiently to cool themselves down. They are also more likely to become exceedingly hot due to their thick coat. Because of this, they are more susceptible to suffering a heatstroke than other breeds.


Even when it is 100-degree weather outside, your Peke should never be left in direct sunlight or left in an outside space where there is no access to shade. As with any dog, a Pekingese should never be left in a vehicle where temperatures climb quickly. It is not even acceptable to do this with the windows down, as a fatal situation could still be the result.

Tips to Keep Your Peke Cool

  • When outdoors, make sure he/she has plenty of shade in case she gets hot playing in the sun.
  • Make certain that you always have accessible water for your Pekingese to sip on – even if you are going for a 10-minute walk because you never know when he/she might need it.
  • Never, ever leave your dog in the car even if you roll down the windows, as this is not adequate cooling.
  • In the summer months, make sure your Pekingese’s belly stays well trimmed.
  • Consider purchasing a cooling bed for your Peke (does much more than just keeps your Peke cool, as many are known to provide needed relief for aching and sore joints. Plus, fleas can’t burrow in these cooling beds!)

Signs that a Heatstroke is Upon Your Pekingese

  • Wide eyes that are beginning to bulge.
  • Rapid breathing that consistently gets louder and quicker.
  • Unsteadiness on his/her feet leading to collapsing.
  • Weakness and staggering.

If your dog is displaying any of the aforementioned symptoms and you think that he/she suffered a heatstroke, you need to lower his/her body temperature as quickly as possible to prevent further concerns, including death.


Pekingese Heatstroke – Valuable First-Aid Information

If you are at home when you notice your Pekingese suffering from a heatstroke, pick the dog up and hold him/her in front of the freezer. The cold air will help cool your dog down. When suffering from a heatstroke, the organs will begin to fail and your dog will lose his/her senses. Talk to your dog the whole time, as hearing is the last sense to go, and your voice may be the strength your Peke needs to make it through.

If you have no access to a freezer or similar cold air, run a cold bath for your Peke. Not ice-cold water, as this could cause more harm than good. Once your Peke begins to calm down and cool off, ice cubes can be added to the water. No ice cubes? Get him/her in front of a fan after your dog has had time come down from the heat.

Once your Peke has successful calmed down and cooled off, be sure to contact your veterinarian immediately and inform him or her of the situation. If your car does not have an AC, do not get in the car and head to the veterinarian’s office, as this is not what your pet needs.

Ultimately, prevention is essential. When it’s hot outside, take preventative measures to ensure your Pekingese is cool.