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Are Pekingese dogs hypoallergenic?

The Pekingese is a heavy shedder, and they are not hypoallergenic. For that reason, they’re not recommended for folks who are allergic to dogs. They need to brushed several times per week, and they need to be groomed regularly. This can cut down on the shedding, but they’re still going to be allergenic. They’re double-coated, and they should profusely at times.


There’s a little misconception about this breed because some people think it’s hypoallergenic because it’s related to the Shih Tzu. That is not the case though. Some dog breeds are touted as hypoallergenic, but the Pekingese is not one of them.

Some of the symptoms of dog allergies include coughing and wheezing, itchy, red eyes, itchy, runny, stuffy nose, and sneezing. So, if your spouse brings home a Pekingese, and you start off with these symptoms, then you’ll know you’re allergic to the dog. It’s wise to check to see if you’re allergic first before you decide on getting a fun, little pet for your children. The Pekingese is not the best for little children anyway, so you should consider getting one of the hypoallergenic dog breeds instead. Some of them are bigger and better with children.

Some people with dog allergies can get severe reactions. These include having your skin getting hives where the dog licks, or getting severe hives on your face or chest even if the dog doesn’t lick you there. Some people with pet allergies and asthma could seriously allergic symptoms too.

Most experts will say that that it’s not the dog’s fur or hair that’s the problem, so it’s not really the dense shedding coat that’s the problem for the Pekingese, but it’s the dander, the dead skin flakes that are the problem. The urine and saliva are a problem also.


People with allergies have immune systems that are overly sensitive. Their bodies can overreact to little things like dog dander, and they can attack it like it was bacteria or viruses. The watery eyes and the sneezing are just side effects of the body’s attempt to flush out or destroy a little allergen.

If you think may be allergic to the Pekingese, don’t chance it. Spend a day with one and see what happens. There’s nothing worse than buying a pet and then having to return it because you’re allergic. That’s a huge waste of time for everybody.