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Are Pekingese Dogs Smart?


The Pekingese is a hard dog to train. This breed is a dominating and independent breed. This could be attributed to low intelligence. However, this isn’t true though. They’re extremely smart. They place a lot of value on themselves, and they possess self-importance too.

Other people think that their strong-headedness, strong-willed nature, and stubborn nature mean that they’re a lot smarter than other dogs. They have an imperial heritage, and they carry themselves with pride, dignity, and intelligence. The Pekingese is a brave, stubborn, and independent little dog. They have a lot of intelligence, serious sense of humor, and they fear nothing. These dogs like to scurry and hustle around the house and see what’s going on. They enjoy their space, but they want their attention too.

Pekingese have an almost-human-like intelligence, and they get along very well with owners who treat them well, give them attention, pamper them, and leave them to their own devices. You need to leave their food, toys, and bed alone. They don’t want to be disturbed. They like their stuff and their space, and they want to be left alone when they’re enjoying it. You don’t really need to know about their intelligence, but you do need to know if this is the breed for you. Is this a temperament you can handle? Do you recognize it will be hard to train them? If you’re alright with that, then consider this breed.

Despite all this being said about them, there are some things that suggest that Pekingese aren’t all that smart. They score low on dog intelligence tests. Some people group them into the least intelligent dogs list.


Prospective pet owners should be aware of this dog’s behavioral and temperamental qualities and decide if this is the dog that they want. There are other breeds that are smarter and easier to train. However, the Pekingese has a unique personality that is not matched in other breeds. Coupled with its size, it makes a great pet. For the right owner, this is the perfect lap dog. Especially if you like to groom this dog, you and the breed will have a great relationship. Their fur coat gets matted, tangled, and bunched up. As long as you’re willing to consider yourself a match for the Pekingese, then it’s a good dog to get. Don’t expect it to be in the most intelligent breeds class, however.