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Are Pekingese hard to train?

Honestly, the Pekingese is not a breed for those who prefer to have a dog that will cater to their every desire with little training or investment. Pekingese are stubborn, strong-willed animals, and it will, at first, take a lot more than a short verbal command to get them to do something. Consistency will pay off a lot here, and your Pekingese will eventually start to get into the habit of following your directions.


Pet owners say that Pekingese can be difficult to housetrain. A Pekingese will have an ego that’s much bigger than he is. They are strong-willed, strong-headed, stubborn, and serious little animals, and they like their space. They are wary of new strangers. This is a dog with character that’s bigger than he is. He has a lot of self-esteem, and he’s highly vigilant. The Pekingese have both a bold and a humorous nature.

Pekingese are highly strong-willed, and they see very little reason to follow arbitrary rules, and, of course, the rules are arbitrary to them. Pekingese like to do what they want, and they have an imperial heritage. They can be hard to housetrain because they’re so used to being bosses, they are proud animals, and serious in their bearing too.

However, with all that being said, they still do compete in obedience, rally, and agility training. If you have a Pekingese who really likes to show off, and most of them will like to show off, then these sports can be a way of bringing in some activity and training.

This is a hard breed as far as training. They are pretty good at learning the basics if they’re very young. Click training can sometimes help. This is a way that works well with dogs that are particularly difficult to train. It’s a simple thing to do, and most dogs like this technique. They need to be socialized when they’re puppies. These dogs take patience to train them well. Housebreaking and dog training are huge challenges for this breed. There are a lot of reasons for the almost impossibility of training this obstinate and puffed-up breed. This breed has an imperial heritage, and it also has a stoic nature. It has a history of getting treated like royalty as well.


Crate training your Pekingese is another option.

Potty training is kind of difficult for this breed. Crate or paper potty training are two options.