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Do Pekingese dogs bite?


Do Pekingese dogs bite? Well, all dogs can bite. However, Pekingese are very possessive of their toys, and they could growl, snap, or bite at toddlers who try to steal their toys. These dogs aren’t recommended for families with small children. They are very possessive of their toys too, and they can snap at people who don’t know how to respect a dog’s boundaries. They need a lot of attention, and they could become resentful of small children that take attention away from them. That will give you a pretty clear picture of their personalities, and you can decide if you want to put up with this temperament and their behavioral traits or not.

Growling, guarding, snapping, biting, and obsessive barking are just some of the character qualities of the Pekingese, but only in the worst instances. You shouldn’t think of this dog as having these basic behavioral qualities at all times, and they’re not even present in all dogs. They are alert, aware, and possessive little watchdogs though.

Pekingese can also be a little grouchy if you wake them up while they’re sleeping, and they may snap and bite if someone wakes them up. A lot of pet owners will also say that Pekingese will growl and bite if you get near their food or toys. Some of them, when they eat, will take the piece of food, go into a corner, eat it, come back for more after, and then repeat the process. Pekingese will show their teeth and growl, and some can jump on you and start biting you over and over. Now, not all Pekingese are like this. This is a horror story. But, they do want to be given attention, and they get mad when someone tries to take their things or wake them up.

So, will Pekingese bite? Possibly. They won’t bite unless instigated though. They’re not attack dogs or guard dogs, in the traditional sense. They just get mad if someone invades their space and takes from them while they’re trying to enjoy their food, toys, or even a deep, restful, peaceful slumber. Pekingese like their sleep, and they don’t want to get stirred or awoken when they’re in Pekingese dream land.


The Pekingese is a small dog, but it does have a nippy little bite that can be quite irritating if you get on its bad side in a situation.