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Do pekingese shed?


Pekingese require a lot of grooming, and without frequent combing and brushing, the Pekingese turn into a matted mess. Pekingese also shed a lot. You’ll see hair and fur all over your clothing all year long, including your carpeting and upholstery. All dogs shed, and if you decide to purchase a dog, you need to accept that one simple fact. The reason why they shed is a different matter though. All dogs will go through a three-stage shedding process.

Here are the three stages of the Pekingese shedding process. First, there’s anagen, where the hair follicles make new hair. The next phase is catagen, where the hair growth is in a transitional phase. The third phase is telogan, where the hair goes into the final placement inside the dog’s body, and it stops growing completely.

During these stages, the dog will be shedding a lot of his hair, and he will make way for new hair. They undergo these stages in a process, and that’s why some dogs are heavy shedders. So saying that, there are also different factors that add to your dog’s shedding.

The Pekingese is a heavy shedder. He’s got a ton of hair. You’ll find his hair al over the home, stuck on everything. He sheds to an excessive degree, and you may end up brushing him every day to get rid of his loose hair. The hair that comes out with a brush doesn’t fall out inside your home.


One pet owner who owns a Pekingese says they are very clean, and there is very minimal shedding. Of course, that may be because the dog looks so small, and there is little hair to begin with that comes off of it. You can get it groomed once monthly if you want to reduce the shedding. If your dog sheds irregularly, then you can mix in some vitamin supplements with their food. Supposedly, this owner has heard it works wonders with other dogs who tend to shed quite frequently, and the Pekingese is no different as a god.

The Pekingese need to have their double coat brushed every day and groomed often or the matting and shedding could become worse. You have to take care of the hygiene of your Pekingese because hair will get out of control if you don’t take care of it and keep it under control, and that helps the dog feel better as well.