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When do pekingese puppies open their eyes?


It’s normal for a Pekingese puppy to open his eyes around two weeks of age. That’s around 14 days old or so. The development of the puppies is pretty interesting. They spend 90% of the time in a sleep state, and the other 10% is spent eating. They are very susceptible to cold and heat, and their instinctive reflexes are pretty simple. They just want to nurse, warm, and crawl. They can get into the right position if they’re placed upside down. They need stimulation for defecation and urination. They have rapid development of their CNS. They need constant attention from their mom and you. Pekingese puppies shouldn’t be taken from their mothers until they’re at least eight weeks old. Even puppies that are almost eight weeks old will need up to 18 hours of rest. So, their eyes will be closed most of the time, even if their eyes initially open at two weeks or so.

Make sure you handle your Pekingese puppy at least once his day when he’s awake. Massage his feet so he’ll get comfortable with nail clipping. Roll him over on his back to teach him to give people trust. He should get used to laying on his back because it will be a lot easier to trim his feet as he matures. It will be easier for a veterinarian too if needs treatment on his feet for any medical injuries.

Pekingese are fragile little puppies. Make sure to handle them wisely. Children love new puppies, but children at a preschool age need to have consistent supervision when handling a puppy. In fact, they shouldn’t be around the puppy at all. Small children will let a Pekingese puppy fall on the floor if they get nipped with its small puppy teeth. That’s just a normal reaction. It only takes a short period of time for a child to injury a puppy. Make sure that your child doesn’t handle a puppy without your constant supervision. In fact, it’s probably a good idea that they not handle them at all. You should definitely try to avoid any problems that could crop up when the Pekingese is so fragile and delicate that it could get injured with the least possible instigation. Your children should have to wait until the puppy is much older until they can play with it. However, that doesn’t negate you handling it. You need to socialize it.