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Why does your Pekingese snort?

Don’t worry. It’s normal behavior. It’s a conformation dog, and it’s the same behavior that all conformation dogs have with no muzzle. They have been bred with scrunched-up, short muzzles. If you had shortened, scrunched-up muzzle, you’d be snorting it too. It’s absolutely normal for these dogs to snort, and they often have a lot of accompanying respiratory problems because of this conformation.


The Pekingese breed has a flat face, and it’s common for them to have a snorting problem. It’s the same exact things for pugs, bulldogs, and the like. They have a flattened face and a miniscule breathing passage. Pekingese are dogs with special faces. Other dogs like Boston Terriers, Boxers, Bulldogs, or Shih Tzus all have these flattened faced. These pushed-in faces have lower than normal jaws on them. They also have narrowed nostrils. Pekingese will often make grunting or snorting noises. Don’t be alarmed by this. Pekingese can make these noises even with very little activity entailed, pun intended.

A lot of normal dogs do this, and a lot of veterinarians say that they’re trying to clear their throat and nasal passages. Your Pekingese might do this once a week or so, and it’s not really a big deal. If it starts happening very often, then go see your pet’s veterinarian, because it can be considered a big warning sign. If a dog does get a lot of gunk in his nose, like crust or snot, then you have to take him in. Certain dogs can tend more toward breathing issues because of their smaller throats, flat noses, and more. Watch out for signs of anything that could be considered serious problems.

Don’t be alarmed if your Pekingese is snorting occasionally. Start to get worried if it’s snorting more than what you would consider sporadically, and take it to a veterinarian if you think the snorting could be an indicator of something serious. It’s better to be safe than sorry, but don’t rush to the veterinarian if it only does it sometimes. If you do take it into a veterinarian, he can tell you what an acceptable amount of snorting is, and if your dog has signs of a serious health problem because of it. You have to think about it from a humorous perspective to it, and imagine that proud, stubborn little dog snorting in disgust, maybe at its superior status, despite its inferior size.